WHAT we offer


We have a very direct approach based on your needs, not our vision of what a strategy assignment should be.

According to your context, time frame, budget and objectives we will establish with you the best approach.

It can be from one lunch to a 1 year assignment, one thing is certain, we will never try to over-sale.


  • Internal strategic diagnostics

  • Strategic plan / Annual plan / Business plan / Vision plan

  • New strategic organizations

  • Post (or pre) M&A’s strategies

  • Training for executives teams

  • Strategic Off sights and Team events

  • Integrated strategy for PMO

  • Strategy plans per function (Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, Production, Supply Chain, etc.)

  • Strategy plans per line of business (products, services, markets, data, subscriptions, etc.)


Industries in which we have experience and decisive knowledge

  • Telecom / Media / Entertainment

  • Web / Online services / Social networks / eCommerce / IoT / Big Data

  • Consumer Goods

  • Supply chain

  • Customer Support




We build community oriented web platforms.

Community Platforms => Online omnichannel environment where the users auto-generate the content.

Social networks are the most known of those platforms but lack any form of specialization and concentrate only on one typology of users. (you want to know more)


  • Capture the needs and understand the objective of the platform

  • Design the platform skeleton (entities, objects, workflows, UX, monetization)

  • Produce mock-ups and detailed functional specifications

  • Evaluate architecture scenarios and detailed technical specifications

  • Build prototypes

  • Test prototypes and evaluate MVP needed resources

  • Project leadership (management, trade off's, budget)

  • Lead design, development, art, QA and hosting teams

  • Train the back office teams and first users

  • Insure maintenance and updates of the platform

  • Provide sustainable documentation for further developments and interconnections with other web services



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