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easy  :  [izzi] simple adj. (lat. simplex)

       1) a. That is simple and immediate to apprehend, to understand and set in motion, by opposition to complicated.

                   b. That is composed by clearly organised sum of elements, as opposed to complex.

                           2) Who behave with righteousness and loyalty, without arrogance nor selfishness.



Website under construction


Our website is under full (re)construction !!

We are migrating from Drupal 7 to the latest Drupal 9 version and it is not without hassle, but full of learning's and promising suggestions.

For existing projects management purposes our extra-net and shared cooperative environment are still open and reliable,

some daily downtime's are expected between 4am and 8am CET, sorry for that.

We apologies also for those who were used to consult the IzzI Tips & Tricks, they will be back improved and updated !

Good day to you

The IzzI Team